Research. Development. Innovation.

Present and future project

At Chacon e Hijos, we are committed to the culture of innovation and research. That is why we innovate in our manufacturing processes to obtain improvements in the quality of products, achieve an optimisation of our costs and thus meet the requirements of our customers.

Furthermore, as manufacturers of serial products, we are aware of the need to innovate in production processes to make them stable and achieve excellent and uniform quality throughout the whole production.

We also extend innovation to new products, or existing ones with new characteristics, and we are also open to any collaboration process with our customers, to develop new products or improve existing ones.

Our company is committed to the environment. We comply with current environmental regulations, going one step further in terms of recycling and reusing materials. All the remnants of our production process are managed in accordance with the latest recycling regulations, even becoming part of other production processes once again. Thus, our usual packaging comes from recycled material.

We are located in a privileged enclave in the Huerta de Murcia and are therefore aware of the importance of the commitment of companies to the conservation of the environment.