Fire extinguishing agents

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Fire extinguishing agents

Under the brand and company name UNEXPO SL, we are manufacturers of fire extinguishing agents. Our fire extinguishing powder products are certified by a European entity, in accordance with the EN615 standard. We manufacture several categories of ABC and BC powder, adapting to customers’ needs and to the efficiency required. In addition, we have type D extinguishing powder.

The quality of our fire extinguishing agents starts with their raw materials, which are top-quality. It continues through our manufacturing plant, controlled and commanded by two computers that, with corrections during the process, guarantee exceptional quality throughout the production and great uniformity.

We also have our own laboratory, with instruments that can immediately analyse and determine the main characteristics of the final product, as well as the raw materials used during the process.

The packaging can be in 1000-Kg sacks or in 25-Kg sacks made of laminated paper.